Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays because you don’t just get to share your love with your partner but with all the people in your life. My family has a tradition of picking a “secret valentine”, where we all exchange gifts but the twist is you can’ go over a $10 limit. Trust me, with that price things get a little hairy, but it always brings out the best and most creative gifts.

In addition to my secret valentine, one of the ways I show love to others in my life is by making homemade treats. This year, I passed out treat boxes filled with all things chocolate including hearts, M&Ms, and eggs. You name it in was in there! I can’t forget to mention the homemade hostess cupcakes.

I know many people feel down about Valentine’s day because they might be single or feel lonely. While that’s a valid feeling, it’s important to remember there is more than one way to show love and to be loved. It may not always come from a significant other or partner but the love of your friends and family matters too.

So when you’re down in the dumps over Valentine’s Day, my suggestion is to do something nice for those you love in your life and remember there is more than one way to love. Remember to love on others around you, I promise it will change your perspective.

Keep on keeping on and do it with love!


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